Sunday, 28 June 2009

It's been a while

Clearly i'm not doing very well with this, its been months haha. Well I've finished school, everything has been marked, the moderators have been in, and now i have to wait until August for the results! So long.
After having a little break and not really doing anything im now doing work expirience as at art technician back at school which is fun. Ive been doing loads of organising for everyone and tidying, which i happen to love. I have even got this still life resources catalogue idea going on, which everyone is greatful for. Next week the yr10s have a week of print workshops and i should be helping out with that. I do like printing and it would look on my personal statement haha.
Ive also got a job now! Housemaid at Travelodge -funky or what, we don't have uniforms though, so no sexy apron lol. Its no fun seeing the total of what i have earnt at the bottom of my pay slip, and comparing it to the amount of money in bank account! no where near the same I must say. I don't know what i do with it, i think i buy too much food. I did buy 2 pairs of shorts from Howies, which i really recommend! I LOVE THEM They are a envoronmentaly friendly clothing company! Who have a love for mountain biking and other sports and are based in Cardigan Bay, Wales. I also have a merino long sleeve top too which is snug. So back to the money, I'm trying to save for uni/a camera/a wacom tablet/train tickets for new designers! I can't believe how much it costs for a travelcard, and i have a young persons railcard so its not even full price. bah. At least i only live where i do, i wonder how much it costs from Peterborough or Cambridge.

So now for a break from typing - i'll be back tomorow. Heres some things i've found today
Im sorry i havent figured out the link/picture thing yet

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