Sunday, 15 November 2009

Back again

I'm clearly not very good at updating this blog. Well since last time i've completed my textile project and i'm very happy with the end result. My drawing or "visualisation" of my final piece is pretty good too. I'm now onto 3D crafts project where we are making a coat hook. Mine is looking like its going to be leafy and metaly and textured and bendy.. hmm

Ive also photo my first life drawing piece from the foundation year which is alright i suppose, and last thursday we drew fabric instead of naked ladies which was good.
Also i had another visual language lesson which was fun, we cut out coloured paper and made pretty shapes, our homework is to produce a picture using the coloured paprer and the idea of creating the illusion that the paper is translucent..? makes sense to me. Im going to do a pirate ship i think :)

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