Sunday, 17 January 2010

Falmouth letter

Falmouth want me to write a tiny little essay for them! eek, i have to talk about what is illustration and how society benefits from it, which shouldn't be hard really. I've got the answers i just need to strings them together in nice sentences that make sense. They have also asked me to write 100 words on why i wish to study at Falmouth.. which i think might be harder because i don't want to spill my heart about how much i love the place and the course and everything.. im not too sure what they want to hear from me? hmmmmm Its only 100 words though, thats not long is it?
Ive also been asked to submit a CD with photos of my work on, so i need to take some damn good photos of my work - and also decide what to take photos of! especially as i have done much yet in the way of illustrations projects exactly. but that doesn tmatter. i love my mark making project from before christmas, b-e-a-u-tiful

Brighton have also asked me to send them some photos, but i dont want to go there so im not so worried about that.
Lincoln interview in just over a week - do i dress smartly?

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