Monday, 8 February 2010

Uni applications

So the Lincoln interview went alright, and i have an offer which is good :)
I went to Bristol UWE open day on saturday, the course was alright but i would be working and living in the city center which i think would kill me. I would really hate it :( but thats okay. I have now withdrawn my application to Bristol and Brighton. Sooooo there is only Falmouth left. I'm struggling a bit at the moment with my wrk, i feel ive got no motivation.
The project im working on now at college is about fat Britain. I have found a photo of a family on a beach - but its rainning and they have umbrellas, which i thought was typical Britain. I'm now going to make them fat :) so i need to do some research on fat characters and making people fat.. then think about how im going to draw it or paint it or collage it whatever. Okay i feel better now. a bit. i still feel like my sketchbooks look naff! arghhh =/ bad days.

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