Thursday, 13 May 2010


(pictur enot working at the mo)
So i have completed my FMP pretty much, all i need to do is write an evaluation. I am not overly happy with the outcome as i think i discoverd some quite appealing drawings and techniques throughout the project, and in the end ive got blocks of colour overlapping with a linear drawing. Through the project i had lots of conflicting ideas in my head of what looked best, what would gain me most marks, wanting to develop my own illustrative style. total confusion in my sketchbook proberly :( i wanted to develpo my line drawings, i wanted to develop how i colour those drawings and i wanted to develop a way of drawing which did not show a line! Confused. But i have lost interest now in gainning a distinction or even a merit. This year hasn't been great, i could of done alot more, and proberly learned more. I have got the whole of summer to "DEVELOP"
So confused and upset about my art education, current and future. I just want to be taught well, jeeze.

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