Monday, 27 September 2010

First day

Today was the first day of term and I had LIFE DRAWING woop woop! The model was brilliant, boobalicious haha, I have never drawn a young women either, alwasy old floppy droopy men and ladies. Everything started well and it felt good to be drawing again, but then our tutor made us criticise someone elses work, AND THEN fix that person of work and draw all over it. ARGH that wasnt fun. I ruined the other girls piece of work, rubbed it out and started again because I felt it was too small and just not right. Then our tutor made us swap back to our original drawing! Ahhhhhhhhh, and I felt like the other girl had just ruined my work, it didnt look like my drawing anymore, it was horrible. Its not my drawing any more but it's not hers either. I felt fairly proud of what I had draw originally, well not anymore! GAH
But one good thing is that the tutor expects us to keep a sketchbook, which i agree with. And im glad thats what the uni expects of us.

I have no tought time tomorrow, and as we havn't been set a project yet there would be nothing to do in the studio. So my next trip up the hill will be Wednesday morning where i have "digital & sequential images" which sounds shit to be honest. I hope it isnt. And i hate macs, blahh.

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