Monday, 15 November 2010

update on life

Senior Student Rep for Art, Architecture & Design, sitting on the Faculty Teaching & Learning Committee... I even have a long, fancy signature on my email account.
I signed up to the Lincoln Award which means everything i do this year will somehow be recognised and i might get a certificate.
Employability Week this week, im attending 6 workshops/events to do with self employment, application forms ect.
I'm a member of the Architecture Society and im going to my first lecture tomorrow evening i think, given by Platform 5.
First tutorial this week - should be interesting..
AGM Meeting motions all prepared, ive voted via proxy as i cant actually go.
Jon Richardson comedy gig then a long weekend at home soon! :)
Library User Panel, another meeting which will be handy for my first Teaching & Learning Committee meeting in a few weeks.
Open lecture on Illustration next week, 6pm AR0107
reps conference
Spoken to Usher Gallery about volunteering. Maybe volunteering at CAB but now i think im too busy. And to top it all of, im going to be a steward at the Christmas Market!! :)

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