Friday, 7 January 2011

Print project

I love how my print project is looking! I think I might create etchings from my 4 drawings, and perhaps my lino print too and sell them :) I would need to look in to where to sell them, I know of sites like etsy ect but I would also need to advertise them somehow. Something more than just blog, twitter and facebook. I need to look through my Favourites list and see whats on there that could help me. Maybeeeeeeeeee I could have some stalls in places. I wonder how much I could charge? Do I do a short or long run of prints..? If I do i short run and sell them for a decent amount, there might be trouble if i want to run the print again? hmm.

Well thats one good thing.

Photos of the complete set will be posted when i'm back in Lincoln.

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