Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tower of Fable (wtf?)

Ok so all the rooms are backwards, it goes 3 2 1 then exterior.
Soo Im happy with room 1 and 2, they are looking pretty jazzy and you can see the spherical thing going on. Room 3 is alright, bit empty in comparison, maybe i should of just placed everything a bit closer together. And the exterior is ugly, what a stupid design for a house, and my house is based in jamaica so its pretty bare, soo I chose to cover it in palm trees... blah, it looks a bit messy to me. Unfortunately in room 2 i couldnt face machine stitching all those books, so they are done with pen, which defo doesn't look as good. and hand stitching is even worse, and doesnt look as good. I like my wobbly drawings those.
Speaking of wobbly drawings, I love my skull series. The project looks good as a whole. I reprinted my practice etching and the prints went missing from the drying rack. ALSO when i went to the print room yesterday Rob told me that an adult(teacher?) needs to be present if i want to do the acid bit of my etching. Which i think is a bit silly, unless the acid isnt always out? but i think it is. pssh. At least i know where everything is now, and i know who the print technicians are so i can finally get back to printing!!!!! Cant believe we didnt do ANYYYYYY at Foundation.....? L-A-M-E! I only chose to go to Bedford because i thought the 'PRINTROOM'.. was impressive, it wasnt even a print room though was it. it was full of retarded textile people, and a few talented. ooh i saw Sacha in london in the summer lol, then i saw a girl fom lincoln in cambridge last week. small world.
my fingers ache from all this frantic typing now. goodbye.

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