Monday, 6 June 2011

Botanical illustration

Here is a new reading list for myself from the V&A website, each relating to botanical illustration. I'm currently feeling a bit more motivated so i might get out and do some drawings and do some reading.

  • Arber, Agnes, Herbals: their origin and evolution, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1938

  • Archer, Mildred, Natural history drawings in the India Office Library, London: HMSO, 1972

  • Barker, Nicholas, The Hortus Eystettensis : the bishop’s garden and magnificent book, London: British Library, 1994

  • Bartlett, H,H, and H, Shohara, Japanese botany during the period of wood-block printing, Los Angeles: Dawsons Bookshop, 1961

  • Blunt, Wilfrid and Sandra Raphael, The illustrated herbal, London: Frances Lincoln, 1975

  • Blunt, Wilfrid and William T, Stearn, The art of botanical illustration, Woodbridge: Antique Collectors Club, 1994

  • Calmann, Gerta, Ehret, flower painter extraordinary, Oxford: Phaidon, 1977

  • Coats, Alice M, The book of flowers : four centuries of flower illustration, London: Phaidon, 1973

  • Desmond, Ray, Wonders of creation, natural history drawings in the British Library, London: British Library, 1986

  • Desmond, Ray, A celebration of flowers : two hundred years of Curtis’s botanical magazine, Kew & Twickenham: Royal Botanic Gardens; Collingridge, 1987

  • Glory of the garden, London: Sotheby's, 1987

  • Henrey, Blanche, British botanical and horticultural literature before 1800 ,,, , 3 vols, London: Oxford University Press, 1975

  • Hulton, Paul, The work of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, 2 vols, London: British Museum Publications,1979

  • Hulton, Paul and Lawrence Smith, Flowers in art from east and west, London: British Museum Publications,1979

  • Kaden, Vera, The illustration of plants and gardens 1500-1850, London: HMSO, 1983

  • Mabey, Richard, The flowering of Kew : 350 years of flower painting from the Royal Botanic gardens, London: Century, 1988

  • Pavord, Anna, The tulip, London: Bloomsbury, 1999

  • Rix, Martyn, The art of botanical illustration, London: Bracken Books, 1989

  • Saunders, Gill, Picturing plants : an analytical history of botanical illustration, London: Zwemmer; V&A, 1995

  • Scrase, David, Flower drawings, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997

  • Scrase, David, Flowers of three centuries : one hundred drawings and watercolours from the Broughton collection, Washington, DC: International Exhibitions Foundation, 1983

  • Stearn, William T, Flower artists of Kew, London: Herbert, 1990

    I also fancy a trip to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens to find some inspiration.

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